Sunday, January 8, 2017

Brotherly Love: Durand Family Threesome

Hey Guys, I don't even know where to begin with this one....It's so sexy awesome....
Here is the exciting conclusion to the Brotherly Love comic, albeit in one frame.  A what happened next where you can fill in the blanks and give captions to the goings on as you see fit.  Maybe one day we will expand on the comic.  For now though, I am presenting this to you with a huge amount of bride (and a used Kleenex) much as I did to Patrick Fillion last summer!  This imagination sparking threesome of Byron, Emil and Sheldon was done by none other than Leon De Leon: Urbanmusiq.  I cannot tell you how many times I have coupled this with a the comic pages and let my imagination run wild.  Byron is the favourite Class character of Leon and myself, so as you can see he put a ton of love into this.  Just wait till you see all the versions!

This is the standard version, which would take place during the comic.  All men are as they are in their 'current' state.  Sheldons pounded Byrons perfect ass just past the safe point. He pulls it out too late and starts to spew a massive amount of nerd cum on his brothers back.  Byron is so enchanted by everything going on, his own low hanger force spunk out his lovely helmet and onto his papas legs. 

Byron just couldn't be kept smiling alone at Daddys dick. Oh no, in this version, he licks it like a big old fudgsicle. Looks like he's got Daddy Emily Gasping.

Here is the Classic Space Cadet Edition, with Byron once again sporting a circumcised penis!  His dick is actually a little bit longer here!  

Emil and Sheldon have taken a nap in Emils machine and grown back their foreskins in this 'what if' image, where all three Durand men and uncut! 

Which is your favourite, if any? XD 
Shall we continue the threesome in comic form?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Brotherly Love: Space Cadet Comic

Hey guys! Gonna start the year in a HUGE way, with this amazing comic!  As well, I want to take this opportunity to note that last year we passed the one million visitor mark!  I never thought I would see the day!  So what better way to ring in the new year and celebrate that, then with what I hope you will find to be a sweet story from Sirio and myself!  We actually completed this in August as a gift to Patrick Fillion.  The story takes place while the Durand family are still on vacation.  (See Hook-Ups #1.)  I personally wanted to see Sheldon and Byron together FOREVER.  Of course with these two at such odds with each other and Byron taking on a new role, I doubt that is going to happen in the comics proper.  At least not any time soon.  So, I asked Sirio if she would be interested in taking on a little idea I had.  She agreed that it was a great idea and started work on it right away!  So with the greatest of pride here is a tale from the Last Diaries Of A Space Cadet!!! Enjoy!

Sirio did a splendid job on the entire shot.  I had such a thrill watching, as she worked at a feverish pace to complete the comic.  Sadly my work schedule took it's toll on me, so that hampered the completion time a bit.  Still, we had a blast the whole time.  It was fun to watch her add new ideas and watch them expand on the action.  The actual original layout was only for about 2, possibly 3 pages.  Sirio was really careful to keep Sheldon thin, while still maintaining a nice build for him.  Speaking of that, we were met with overwhelming praise by Patrick.  I was very happy to hear that the characters were interacting with each other just as he imagines them in his own imagination! :D

And this is not the end!!! This weekend I will be posting the exciting conclusion!!!  All the best in 2017 and thank you so much for all the visits!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Did you Hear The News? A Merry Christmas and a New Class Comics Meaty!!

Merry Christmas morning everyone!! I want to share the gift sent to me by the awesome Fallenangel.  Vann is swinging down from on high, to wish us all a happy holiday.  Looks like he's adding some precipitation to those light flurries. :P Showing his moves with his swing skills with giant balls has certainly impressed Frosty, but it's not gaining the same sort of respect from Peng.  (Who will probably have to fish him out of a snow bank sooner, or later.)  A huge warm as hot chocolate hug to FallenAngel for taking the time to create such a sweet gift.

FallenAngel and I also participated in recent Kinky Christmas Meaty from Class Comics.  I basically threw a bunch of ideas at him and upon deciding on one, let him go to town on it.  We chose Cam, cause we haven't done much with him lately and Kino had some great concepts in mind.  Here is a preview below, showing off Cams new snowboarding outfit!

We also were featured in a collage that features all the Christmas art FallenAngel and I gave to Patrick and Fraser over the years!
The books are jam packed with great art.  Many of the contributors from this site are featured in it, including: Guytoonist who also draws a sexy Candy cane vs Camili-Cat piece!
Aneros who has Zahn creating a playmate...
Caravaggia who created 3 awesome pieces!  2 of which are cut outs!
Fared (Yelmo) who gives us a Christmas Trip.
Genelightfoot who created a exhilarating animated piece!
Leon De Leon, who drew his favourite Demon, wanting more than a kiss!
PPMaqero, who has party plans for Zahn.
Prince of Hearts who did a threesome of characters long lost.
Sakuseii who also decided to make Sheldon buff and beautiful, as Sirio and I did last year. (Think I am seeing some definite wishing going on her amongst us fans..)
Sirio who also has Deimos ready to play the festive way.
Tomas Cray who is trying to over indulge in candy canes!

One of the most outstanding submissions came in the form of knitted characters by Robert Fraser himself.  I think it's a great idea to market and sell those little guys.  (Though Fraser may have not time for anything else, if he had too!)

A Very Kinky Christmas Vol 1

A Very Kinky Christmas Vol 2

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Angel, By an Angel

Hey guys! The greatest night of the year (besides Halloween) is almost upon us, Christmas Eve!!!  In celebration of the season I have a few wonderful images to share.  I'm going to start the night with FallenAngel's Ghostboy Angel!  :P  A couple weeks ago Patrick Fillions family was going through the tragic loss of a loved one.  I pretty much didn't even have to ask Mr. Kinootoka to take on a project.  We both knew what we had to do.  We went straight to work designing this piece.  The soft colours, coupled with teh strong body and beautiful wings, that Fallen drew really touched Patricks heart.  Our prayers go out to him and his family this holiday.  A huge thank you to FallenAngel for creating 2 colour tones for his costume.  It's great to see GB in his classic white outfit!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Santa Rikuo's Got A Bag Of 90s Memories

Merry Christmas everyone.  I have a couple nice Christmas images to share with you this week, along with a very special ending to the year.  I decided to ask FallenAngel to do a Capcom Christmas image for us this year.  20 years have gone by since I bought Nightstalkers for the Sega Saturn, because a certain merman had stolen my heart.  20 years and I still love this green dude like a dizzy teen. God, time goes by so fast. So it was with great excitement that I watched Fallen once again draw the fishy hunk.  I had a special request, that FallenAngel fill Santas sack with as many fun surprises as he could.  Can you point out all the characters?  I hope your dreams come true this holiday.  Fallen continues to help me realize mine...even if they have to remain a pen and paper fantasy.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Young Space Cadet Is Eager To Plase

While researching the image for the vampire Gene Lightfoot drew in October, I came across another character who always intrigued me.  In the pages of Bliss, another Space Cadet can be found.  This one also shares Byrons golden hair. I started to wonder who this character, who appears on an ACE card was?  I imagine him as a young student of Byrons. (Even though Byron himself is only 21.)  An 18 year old teen wanting to be like his hero!  He studies under Byron in a secret Academy deep in space!  I showed him to Gene and he agreed that this character was very deserving of more life than that single image.  So we decided to give him a little animated adventure, to celebrate his 'rebirth.'
Gene was super nice in doing this commission.  He did is super fast and as you can see went all out with the animated details.  Even the galaxy itself is pulsating to their hot frot love!  The bubbly cum had me smiling like crazy! Best addition ever!  As always Gene brings such power and sensuality to Byron.  He has a way of making Byron look so warm and kind!  Just want to cuddle in his arms forever!  His take on Ace is top notch and hopefully help others realize that there is a hottie here that deserves more love!!!  Had November not been the nightmare it was for me, I would have had this out to you guys to enjoy a lot sooner.

I asked Patrick after the image was drawn and sent, what the characters back story in the world of Class Comics was.  The character had originally been drawn to help illustrate a story long ago.  The image of 'Ace' was free to become whatever he liked in the world of Class Comics.  So hopefully, finances willing, I can help do that with the skilled talents of the amazing artists I know!   For now, I am very proud to present this image to you all to enjoy. Gene sent this wicked profile shots too!!! Enjoy the awesome!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Epic Ixy

Hey guys.  Been awhile. I have this super sensational piece by Sakuseii to share with you tonight.  He was very nice and did an erotic version (Blog exclusive!) as well as this out of the world portrait! It's been far too long a time since I asked Sakuseii to draw one of our OCs. I couldn't think of anyone I wanted to see him draw more than Ixy.  A wonderful little gift to a dear friend and an outstanding contributor to this site!  Sakuseii didn't skimp on the details, or style of our Mayan hero.  The image just beacons the viewer to paradise!!!

Please check out Sakuseiis tumblr! 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Daddy I'm Scared

Hey guys. Sorry for vanishing. It's been a very trying month for me, work and family wise.  My mom had to have an operation this week and work, well... the less said the better.  Anyway I am back with a few awesome images to post. I will be posting them all this weekend. I need to make up for lost time!  LOL.

As promised I do have a new character to share with you.  This was meant for the Halloween season, but we wound up running a bit late with it.  This is the first take on Belvdars dad from FallenAngel and I.  Randomly one night I had an idea of Belvadar with his father, laying in bed on Halloween night rummaging around in my head.  Bel was scared so his dad snuggled up to him and Bel started to snuggle up to him in return, accidentally touching his dads cock.  Things would then progress from there.  When I drew out the sketch I decided to go for something a little more comical.  The first concept had his dad asleep with a boner beside Bel.  Bel is terrified, reading a book of ghost stories under the covers of his fathers bed.  In order to add more light to the room, he steals a candle from a Jack-O-Lantern and places it in the piss slit of his dads high reaching cock.  I changed it and sent it to FallenAngel with the father being awake instead.  You can see that sketch at the bottom.  Bel is super small in it. LOL.  Wonderful scaling on my part. XD  
FallenAgnel took the concept and changed it a bit.  As you can see Bels dad is reading the book to him.  The candle was placed in his dads piss slit and Bel is simply terrified.  He's a bit younger here, being about 18, or older.  Instead of a bed, or being under the covers, Fallen placed them in a tent.
There are a couple versions here. One with some extra accessories on Bels dad and one with a more trimmed beard.  As the character is new and evolving, nothing shown here is set in stone.
I decided to go with larger wings than Bels.  Bel takes after his mother in that regard./  Also you might notice that his dads cock differs from his in a certain aspect.  As well, originally I had planned for Bels dads skin tone to be a grey, or light blue colour, with his nipples and cock head being a deep purple.  Fallen decided to make his colouring the same to strengthen the visual association with the two characters. That was for the best.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016 Witching Hour Post! Pumpkin Parade By FallenAngel

Hey guys!
I hope you are having wicked Halloween night!!! Over here in Ontario, the witching hour is fast approaching, so it's time for me to unleashed the last of this years Halloween surprises! Oh and what a wonderful batch, straight from the pumpkin patch, of FallenAngel!  FallenAngel has had a week of horrors online and offline, I am sad to say.  Still during that time, he worked hard to create these super cute pieces!  We got the idea from the set after going over a ton of traditional Halloween cardboard cut outs.  I offered him the challenge of taking any 4 of our boys and creating something akin to what you would stick on your doors and windows, with a common Jack-O-Lantern theme.  (Only in a perfect world, could these ever be used in real life!)  FallenAngel went out of his way to not only do the guys and pumpkins, but breathed life into the backgrounds with cool traditional silhouette characters too!  I am very proud and honoured to be able to end the season with this fine set.  I hope you will all enjoy Dimata, Lil' Deep, Jasper and Vann Illia! Dimata got a total baby face make over for this set!!! Woo hoo!

Well that's about all for me.  We actually have one final Halloween themed image to share, but that won't be coming for a few days. It's gonna be a shocker, as it features a new character!  For now, keep the Jack-O-Lanterns burning till dawn and be sure to eat a piece of candy for FallenAngel and I!

Happy Halloween!  Hope all your screams come true.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Royal Halloween Party For Jacko

For years now Class Comics has featured the character Jacko The Halloweener in strip show comics, where he would harass and pleasure some victim from the Class universe.  Patrick and Fraser toyed with him with the help of many talented artists.  Eventually he was given his chance to shine as the hero of the wonderful comic Sons Of The Night.   His role here was important, but short.  This year though, he's been fully unleashed, being featured in a strip show, where he goes back to his favourite haunts from past years, an animated piece and a full comic devoted to him!

All this really inspired me big time.  His wild antics made me think about who he had yet to meet up and fuck around with on Halloween.  Sooooo I since Sirio and I were looking for a Halloween project to do together, I asked her to please take on the task of giving Jacko a royal party, to ring in Halloween 2016!  Yep that is right, as if you haven't already looked down, he is about to meet Strider King of the Centaurs!  The centaur king is used to filling other people, like no other can.  It's only fitting that Jacko gets to return the favour, whether Strider likes it, or not! As you can imagine, Strider is not easy to catch and control.  Even with all of Jackos Halloween magic, he's using all his strength to hold Strider in place, as he rams his ass.  His vines are hard at work holding back the kings arms and jerking off striders huge uncut centuar cock.  Giving him the tightest jerk off of his life, while penetrating keep within his piss slit, has Strider cumming hard and fast time and again!

We did two version of the image, one with a hairy chest and one with a smooth chest!  We decided to have a little fun with Jacko, giving him stitches on his circumcision scar! hee hee.   I can thank Sirio enough for this amazing piece.  She worked on it for the last couple of days.  The whole process was super smooth and mind blowing.  He final colour and shading is some of her finest work to date.  Sirio makes Strider pop off the page, in what could easily be a cover of his own comic!

You might have noticed that Jacko has as stem on his head.  It's true that his original design didn't have one.  He has been updated recently to include the stem.  I like the plain pumpkin head look, but this certainly a cool addition. I am glad they chose to include it.

Gosh, I wish I had time this weekend to write a review, but sadly I am doing this on the seat of my pants. For what it's work Jacko's Horny Halloween Tales is an amazing book.  It features three stories ranging from humours to very dark in nature.

Patrick did all this in secret, drawing and colouring the entire book himself.  The style he chose fits perfectly with the theme.  The dark shadows, thick lines and limited pallet used for the backgrounds will instantly remind you of classic horror comics of the 70s, including such classics as Tales From The Crypt. This is most apparent in the first story (and my personal fav) INTO THE WILD.  In this totally Canadian story, a young hiker named Elijah has a run in with some Bigfeets!  Any Canadian kid that grew up reading books on the subject of sasquatch will get a kick out of the crazy encounters within this stories pages.  (The guy in the story reminds me of Patrick actually! LOL! What do you guys think?)

The second story about a married man named Isaiah is MUCH darker.  Be forewarned, this tale of demonic possession through weak will, it does not feature a happy ending.  Such a shame, since Isaiah is such a hunk of Halloween chocolate.  It ends in a tribute to a very famous painting called the Nightmare. What's Halloween without a truly dark tale though?

The final tale features my favourite new Halloween Hunk, the very innocent and young Jeremiah.  It''s not easy to talk about without giving spoilers away!!! You will just have to read it to find out!

Each story is wonderfully bookmarked with Jacko giving an introduction, (in Crypt Keeper fashion) as he fucks the shit out of one of three Class Comics hunks.  Class has put an amazing amount of effort here, as the stories enough would be enough to sell the book on.  It's wicked that we have 3 Jacko encounters here on top of a fourth yearly strip show one.  On a side note, I get the feeling that Jacko's Horny Halloween Tales is a replacement of the rumoured Stephane's Fun House that had been talked about for many years.  Of course, since Clowns are perfect for Halloween, maybe we will finally see him return to co-host with Jacko in the years to come!

Dang, but the hiker dude comes in a VERY close second to Isaiah.

Check out the animated version of Jacko getting fucked by Incubus on Tumblr! Or through the Class Comics monthly email!   Rumour has it more Incubus is on the way!

PPMAQ also did a fantastic image of Jacko that he posted on Tumbr.


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